Trading Changes through Inspiration or Desperation

We all want to become better traders, better business owners, better friends, better partners or even just a better individual. In fact, many of us just want to become better at what we do. However, saying it and doing it is a totally different thing isn’t it?

As you are probably...Read More..

Before Actioning Your Bigger Trading Plan

When running a business, especially a traditional business, we need to know our niche or unique selling point (as some would call it). Once we have that, we can decide if we want to venture into that business. More importantly, before we even start any businesses, we need to have clarity...Read More..

Mastering One Trading Strategy at A Time

Do you remember how babies learn to walk? If you don’t, why not go watch them again? Because trading the financial market is a little like learning how to walk.

While you may not remember how you started, a quick guess tells me you were probably like any other babies. You were...Read More..

Lessons from the Taoist Farmer

Here’s the Story of a Taoist Farmer

“There is an old Taoist farmer who had worked his crops for many years. This farmer had only one horse, and one day the horse ran away. The neighbours came to condole over his terrible loss. The farmer said, “What makes you think it...Read More..

Making the Decision to be a Trader

Two and half years ago, I made the decision to relocate to Asia. Once I made the decision, the move was easy. But don’t get me wrong, the decision to move did not go without challenges. In fact, after living in the UK for 11 years, moving was emotionally and...Read More..

Peeling Away Those Bad Trading Habits


Recently, I had a coaching session with Alex (a made up name) who was keen to make a personal breakthrough. During our conversation, Alex brought forward an interesting topic – he was curious to find out how he could make permanent changes to his trading habits. As you can...Read More..

Learning to Lead Yourself in Trading

Reading this now, some of you must be wondering what I’m about to share today. While this trading site has its unusual taste of human development and technical insights, I think today’s article will be another interesting one.

Learning to lead yourself is more than just learning or leading, because it...Read More..

Trading Zone – A Space for Extra Ordinary Results


There are days when your trading is good and there are days when your trading is not as good. It’s not like you changed your rules neither have your change your trading charts or market. However, trading is just not as consistent as you want it to be.

Ever wonder why...Read More..

Can EVERYONE become a Profitable Trader?

As a trader and coach, I’ve met with many types of people who aspire to become full time traders. The truth is, many of them are still searching for the tool (or information) that can make them a better trader. On occasions where they struggle or when they go off...Read More..

Are You Trading in Circles?

If you have been reading my articles, you would have realised that when I first learned to trade the financial market, it took me a few months to realise that Trading was more than just Technical knowledge. My gut feeling was that technical knowledge was going to be the easier...Read More..

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