How to Manage Your Emotions When Trading

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You know that feeling only too well. Your emotions are swelling, the adrenalin is pumping and you may or may not be about to make the best deal of your career. If only you could think a little more clearly, find a little more head...Read More..

"Practicing Gratitude" Explained

Practicing gratitude should be made a life long habit for many people. In my humble opinion, this is especially important for market traders.

Like it or not, the art of giving gratitude has helped my personal life (and trading) tremendously, and I hope today’s video would be one that can...Read More..

Raise Your Standards

As many might know that only 5% of traders become successful. That means, 95% of people who started their trading journey, eventually either stopped trading completely or are still struggling to have a breakthrough. Of course, there are some of you who have also blown a few trading accounts and are still...Read More..

Law of Compounding: Many Don't Maximise It Yet

Albert Einstein called the Law of Compounding the 8th wonder of the world. He believed it was a universal principal that can be applied in almost everything we touch.

But the question is – are you MAXIMISING on the Law of Compounding?

To be honest, I’m sure many of you are already benefiting...Read More..

Aim To Become a Trader Coach

One of the lessons that I was taught a long time ago when I started trading was this – if you want to be a successful trader, go teach.

In Learning you will Teach, and in Teaching you will Learn

The lesson I got wasn’t something new. In fact, the concept of...Read More..

The Power of Unlearning

Recently, I have been speaking to a few trading coaches and we were planning to collaborate in the order to create some highly effective trading education. We believe that the idea of combining the mind, the market and the method in a single syllabus will be an Edge (in education)...Read More..

What you DON'T KNOW Might be Stopping You In Trading

If you have read the introduction to my courses on Market Apprentice, you would realise that I am a big advocate that you need the 3Ms – Mind, Market & Method – to be a successful trader.

Just to be clear, the 3Ms goes beyond the idea of just...Read More..

Breaking Your Trading Limits

Today (as I write this article) marks Day 20 of my 30 days Day Trading program – which happens to be the last day of the month. This is a new program that I have designed for myself as I prepare to launch my own Managed Account.

Essentially, I am...Read More..

Trading Patience Pays Handsomely

Two days ago, I was asked to help out in the family garden – to wrap some of the mangos that could potentially end up being wiped out by some passing pest.

Trust me, if you have a fruit garden you would understand the importance of it protecting your fruits. More...Read More..

Making Leap Changes in Trading

Repeating what you have been doing before, will definitely get you the results you had before.”

While this may be a good thing if you are already performing well, it can stop those of you who are still struggling from getting better as a trader wherever you are today.

Hello traders,...Read More..

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