Weekly Trade Commentary: 30th Sept 2012

The following are my observations for the week. The USD Index has retraced a back to the 80 mark. At this point, there’s no clear indication if this is a pullback or a start of a new trend. I’m keen to find out what the market sentiment is going to be like at the start…

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Weekly Trade Commentary: 23rd Sept 2012

Dear readers, This week, for the first time, I will start writing a high level weekly commentary of what I’m looking at for the rest of the week. The USD index looks over extended and last week, the index started a pullback which could potentially turn into a reversal. Most majors and minors seems decoupled…

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Gold Descending out of a Triangle

(Click on image for Larger View) Gold fell by more than 40 points today, breaking out of a descending triangle. If you’re not familiar with descending triangles, may be this would be another example of how triangles would work. A breakout trader would likely have entered the trade at the break of the previous swing low (1623.22).…

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