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Hello Traders,

Thank you for taking time for visiting and reading this page. You are here because you are either looking for a Positive Change or you’re ready for one. Acknowledging that you need support is a brave task. So whatever you do from here, be proud of yourself for taking a positive step forward. But, more importantly, make sure you don’t not continue your development now.

After completing The Trading Psychology Booster, I started a major transformation and this happened not just at a personal level but at a coaching level too. Since then I have acquired new ways to coach and I’ve developed better insights into creating more effective coaching programs that works.

As Mark Douglas beliefs that Self-Trust and Discipline are the crucial ingredients for trading success, I began to ask myself the same question. I went on to experiment and to test various methods. The final result is an extension of the previous program, that is the “30 Day to Trading Success: Working Your Way From a Small to BIG Trading Psychology”

What is “30 Days Trading Transformation”?

30 Days Trading Transformation (also known as 30 DTT) is an intensive, action-driven character transformation program which helps you become a better TRADER in just 30 days.

30DTS is jam-packed with 30 intensive lessons and highly effective tasks to be completed each day, from eliciting your dreams, challenging your goals, understanding your Values, applying Belief Cycles, unfolding your Beliefs (self, market and system), creating routines and lifestyles, breaking down and re-building your trading system, calibrating your emotions, and many more.

Each task has been specially created and designed to search for solutions deep within yourself to aid you in maturing into a better trader.

Joining this program, you are to perform some really deep, serious, inner work within the 30 days ahead – which will undoubtedly transform you into a new you with more awareness, more confident, and as a more disciplined trader.

At the end of the program, you emerge with clearer and stronger focus of what you want to gain from trading and knowing how to get there. With a stronger conviction, you take BIGGER ACTIONS that works.

The program has unlimited re-do value and I have intentionally designed all the tasks to be timeless in nature. This means you can do it again and again, once every 6 months, and can still learn something new each time.


Who should Benefit from this Program?

Have you ever wondered why you are not making money from trading? Do you ever wonder how come other traders are more profitable than you are even though your market predictions have been pretty good? Do you have the any of following problems?

  • Your trading hours do not fit into your schedule.
  • You jump from one trading system to another in search of the Holy Grail and you are never satisfied with what you have.
  • You always have an excuse as to why trading does not work.
  • You are not happy with your trading system (or rules).

If you have any of the above or similar problems, then the 30 Day Trading Transformation program is your solution.

Whether you’ve just started trading or you have been trading for the last 5 years, this program is useful to you.

New Traders

Being a new trader, you can choose to learn it the hard way or the easier way. Of course, I would I invite you learn the easier way. So, to begin with, you should pretend “As If” you are already a seasoned trader and you want to achieve long term trading success.

Because seasoned traders know that having a crystal clear trading plan is important, you want to incorporate a structure to your trading as this can make a leap in your trading performance. If that’s what you want, then program is right for you.

Seasoned Traders

Because amateur traders struggle to understand the significance of having a good and rounded trading plan, you have no excuse for falling in the same trap. However, I’m not referring to your system rules.

Many traders almost always only write about their system and it usually ends. That works fine at the beginning. However, when traders go through a streak of winners, they’ll start to break a few rules as their confidence grow. And when they go through a period of drawdown, they start blaming their systems and they end up tweaking, twisting and changing their rules even more until they have a system that does what they want when they want it (as opposed to a system that is profitable in the long term).

In another scenario, a trader is convinced that day trading is the right thing for him. However, according to his trading plan, the only time he can trade the market is while he is at work. Unfortunately, after a few attempts, he only meets with a string of losers and his work performance just goes from bad to worst. And the list goes on.

If you’re one of those traders, this program is right for you too. This is designed to identify areas to achieve a synchronised personal and trading lifestyle. I strongly believe that our personal life and our trading life should work in sync and that they should complement each other. Even if that is not the case, we need to be well aware of it and start finding solutions to overcome it.

In order to be a profitable trader, traders need also to have a strong desire to succeed. Hence, I have provided various examples and exercises to help you identify your true trading purpose and to use that as a fuel for success.

All these details will be explained as you progress through the program.

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Note that the following pages are only HIGHLIGHTS of the book for the purpose of ILLUSTRATION.

The full version has 123 pages of Intense CHANGE Programming.

It’s difficult not to CHANGE.



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When You Get Your Copy of 30DTT Today, It comes with a Transformation WorkBook.

This is your Transformation Journal where you record Powerful Resources in the next 30 Days!!

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Note that both the Program and Workbook are pdf and Word Doc to be downloaded.

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If you have any further questions about the Program, make sure to contact me at info (at) TradeYourEdge.com or Contact me here.



This a workbook designed to help individuals who want to be successful traders and who want to understand better what they can do to make their desire to succeed in the money markets become a long-term reality. This book would also be of interest to anyone who has an interest in psychology and who wants a clearer insight into the thinking that is applied by traders who have ‘made it’ and who thus earn their primary income through trading.

The workbook is broken down into clear sections, enabling readers to understand better a wide range of issues such as: positive thinking, strengths and weaknesses, why it is important to have a good trading plan and how to go about refining a trading plan. Each chapter is accompanied by a useful exercise which recaps on the section just covered, allowing the reader to apply the advice given to their own personal situation.

The author, Alwin Ng, has an approachable way of writing and the message is clear and realistic – he doesn’t promise any trading miracles but he does convince that, as long as the reader follows the advice given, there is no reason why he or she should not become a profitable trader. As a user of this workbook I finished it feeling positive and keyed up as it has given me the tools I need to sort my trading planout in order that I can make a serious attempt at making trading my main profession.

– Parker Rebecca, England

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