NZDUSD Weekly: Kiwi on a Diving Trip?

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People often ask, “what do you look for when you trade?” And the answer is simple: Clarity Trading is like making a dive trip and you only invest in the trip if you know the water is clear. If it isn’t clear, stay out. The following is an example of a chart that is reasonably clear, you could even call it a Textbook chart. The Kiwi’s close cousin a.k.a. AUDUSD is probably on a similar dive trip as I write but the picture isn’t as clear as the NZDUSD on the weekly chart. So guess what? Only trade a set up that is screaming at you. 

For another example, have a look at my previous post “Will EURAUD make a Reversal?” where EURAUD also presented decent trade opportunities.

Thank you and happy trading!

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